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Dr. DH Bronstein Family Dental Services Include Dentures in Winnipeg 

For over 40 years, Dr. D H Bronstein Family Dental has provided patients with complete dentistry services for cleaner & healthier smiles. 

We follow a patient-centered approach by providing genuine care, treatment, and a full suite of professional dentistry services. Every patient at our Winnipeg dental clinic receives safe oral health care, be it your child’s toothache or the dental health of your family. We have substantial experience in children dentistry, and pride ourselves on the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment we employ on our young patients. 

We understand that trust is integral in creating a happy visit to the dentist and our commitment in becoming not just a local dental clinic but the dental clinic families can rely on is what drives the Bronstein Dental team every day.

We ensure your treatment is positive, your visits are timely, your dental assessments are thorough, and will be there for you monitoring the progress of your oral health. We thank you for choosing us and are readily available to answer any question regarding our services. Connect with our friendly staff today to learn more about on what we offer or to schedule your next dentist appointment.

We Also Provide Full and Partial Dentures in Winnipeg!

Dr. D H Bronstein Family Dental is committed to maintaining healthy teeth and gums for patients of all ages. Alas, not everyone is lucky enough to sustain a perfect set of teeth throughout the course of a lifetime. If you or someone you love is missing teeth and could benefit from a dental appliance to help improve chewing, speech, and overall self-confidence, we invite you to get in touch with our team. Not only will we assess the current state of your mouth, but we can advise whether a set of full or partial dentures is the right dental solution for you.

Full Dentures

Although dentures are not designed to feel like real teeth, in cases where people are missing or need to replace the bulk of their upper or lower teeth, dentures do offer a number of advantages:

  • Support the lips and cheeks to help correct a collapsed facial appearance
  • Assist in chewing all types of food
  • Enable better pronunciation of words
  • Boost self-confidence in social situations
  • Permit easy removal for convenient cleaning and maintenance

Partial Dentures

For those patients missing one or more teeth on a particular arch, a partial denture may just prove to be the right fit.

  • Do not require surgery or modification to surrounding teeth 
  • Provide a cost-effective tooth replacement option
  • Are created quickly for maximum convenience

Book a consultation with our office today to discover the many options available to you.

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