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Quality Digital Dental X Ray Winnipeg

Any dental treatment plan is incomplete without a relevant dental X-ray done on a timely basis. X-rays are radiographs, which are both diagnostic and preventative in nature; they can help determine an issue with your dental health or detect any impending conditions before they become major! The principle of an X-ray is to send electromagnetic waves through your body where they are absorbed by dense tissue but pass through others. The result is an image that offers insight into damage or disease that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. 

There are two types of X-rays – extraoral and intraoral; the former is taken outside the mouth while the latter is done within it. While both are in use, intraoral X-rays are more effective as they produce a high level of detail of bone, teeth and other oral tissues. Dr. D H Bronstein Family Dental possesses the equipment necessary to carry out accurate dental X-rays for Winnipeg patients.

Necessary Precautions and Importance

There is no preparation required before you go for a dental X-ray. You should, however, brush your teeth properly to allow for a level of hygiene those who will be conducting the tests. While you may feel like getting an X-ray done is not critical to the health of your teeth, it is anything but! Despite the best checkups done by the most reliable dentists, there may be conditions which get left out. You must get it performed around once every two years, based on your age and medical history. 

Feel free to get in touch with Dr. D H Bronstein Family Dental for dependable dental X-rays in Winnipeg. Our services are centered on your convenience and health.

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