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Partial and Complete Denture Treatment in Winnipeg 

We understand that you value your teeth as they not only allow a wonderful smile but also let you lead a normal way of life. However, at some point, you may lose a tooth to an accident or to some form of dental disease. To help patients who have experienced such situations, Dr. D H Bronstein Family Dental offers great quality dentures in Winnipeg. These are artificially designed teeth and gums which are made to fit your mouth like your original teeth. These can be full or partial, meaning that they can replace an entire set or just a few that are missing.

What Materials Make up Dentures?

Historically, porcelain and plastic were the main components of dentures but today, hard resin is mostly used. As these aren’t natural, they need to be maintained and cared for or they will be showing damages before long. Although dentures can be a worthy replacement to natural teeth, they have a maximum period after which they must be replaced with new ones!

Do Dentures Take Time Getting Used To?

Natural teeth are what you develop was you grow up. You eat, smile and enjoy a youthful appearance with them. Despite the best efforts in making dentures, there is a chance that it might take a while for you to get used to them. There might be a feeling of awkwardness for the first few days when you get used to eating and talking with them on. This is the time when your jaw muscles and tongue are getting habituated to them.

Why makes dentures helpful?

  • Dentures fill up the cavity in your mouth left by lost tooth. This aids in preventing your face from sagging and makes you look younger. 
  • As well-made dentures are tough, you will be able to consume all your favourite food as you once did. You will be able to chew, munch and essentially, savour your meals!
  • When we lose our teeth, there is marked difference in our speech. This adds to our discomfort and makes us lose our self-esteem when we hear ourselves speaking. As dentures almost perfectly fulfill the role of your lost teeth or tooth, any speech issue should be short-lived.

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