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Custom Mouth Guards in Winnipeg

Have you ever imagined what it would be or feel like if you ever lose a tooth or more? Eating, speech, appearance – everything is affected negatively and you don’t want that. In that light, it is important that you know what measures to take to keep your teeth and gums protected, particularly if you are involved in some form of sport. When it comes to protecting your mouth, a mouth guard is an essential piece of athletic gear that should be part of your standard equipment from an early age.

Dr. D H Bronstein Family Dental offers good quality custom-crafted mouth guards in Winnipeg. These are designed to reduce the force of an impact to your face, which would minimize chances of dental and other injuries. These cover the upper teeth because they stick out more and are quite good at protecting dental braces as well.

Mouth Guards for Winnipeg Athletes

Mouth guards are not just essential for contact sports such as boxing, judo or rugby, but can be invaluable to skaters and gymnasts too. Dental injuries from not wearing mouth guards range from crown fracture and broken teeth to jaw fracture and even concussions! Neck injuries and cerebral hemorrhage have also known to have occurred from not putting on this protective gear.

Types of Mouth Guards

Custom mouth guards may cost more than other types but these are most comfortable and offer a better fit. The secret to this is that they are crafted from a cast that was made from precise measurements of your teeth. 

There are stock mouth guards available at sporting goods stores which are readily available but may not fit your mouth well. The protection offered isn’t too impressive either. 

What you go for is ultimately your decision; you should base your decision on the type of occupation you are involved in. While it may seem unnecessary to some, the advantages gained from wearing mouth guards is undeniable. The protection is not just for your teeth but also extends to parts of your neck and even the head. As such, you must get in touch with a reliable clinic that offers mouth guards.

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