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Bronstein Family Dental: Your Family Dentist in Winnipeg

When you are looking for a family dentist in Winnipeg, get in touch with the friendly staff at Bronstein Family Dental to book an appointment. We provide a wide range of dental services for your entire family. Whether your child has a cavity, you need teeth whitening, or your parents need new dentures, we accommodate patients of all ages. Our comprehensive dental services include teeth cleaning, dental filling, wisdom tooth extraction, and other restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. Dr. Bronstein and our dental hygienists are ready to provide personalized care for every patient.

What You Can Expect From Our Dentistry

New, State-of-the-Art Clinic, Same Experienced Dental Team

We have recently moved to a new location to better serve our patients, ensuring that we are able to treat them with our new, state-of-the-art dental equipment. We’ve been treating patients for over 40 years, proudly building strong relationships with families in the Winnipeg area.

Patient-first Approach

We are a patient-oriented dental clinic, which means we put our patients first. No matter what dental troubles you are facing, our friendly staff will help you with it. We get to know our patients and their dental history before providing personalized services.

Insurance Filed Electronically

We accept most dental plans, and our staff electronically submits insurance forms for you. We take pride in offering you the convenience of not having to pay the cost of your treatment upfront.

Emergency Care Available

If your child chips a tooth while playing or you lose a dental crown at lunch, call Bronstein Family Dental for emergency dental care. You can easily find our dental centre in south Winnipeg’s Greencrest Plaza, located minutes away from the University of Manitoba on Pembina Highway.



To our patients of Bronstein Family Dental,


Our office has reopened!  We are so pleased to be open to serve you once again.


We hope this message finds you healthy during these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

IMPORTANT: If you are infected with COVID-19 or think you may have been infected, please contact us in advance before coming in for your appointment. You will have to contact SHARED HEALTH MANITOBA.


Our dental office has always taken pride in putting your safety and the safety of the staff at top priority.
This time of COVID-19 has made it necessary for us to re-evaluate and take further steps to improve safety for everyone in our clinic. Listed below are initiatives that we at Dr. D.H. Bronstein Family Dental have taken to ensure that we can continue to provide you with quality oral health care in a safety-conscious environment.

We will not be accepting walk-in appointments. 

All patients are asked to arrive at their appointment alone unless the patient is a minor or caregiver. Only the patient and the treatment providers will be allowed in the treatment operatory. 

It would be best that you wait in your car until we call you in for your appointment. Please ensure we have your cell phone number.  If you arrive on foot, you can come in and sit 6 feet apart from any other person that may be in the waiting room.


We have taken steps in scheduling to minimize waiting room time and exposure to other patients in the clinic.


We have increased appointment times to allow for extra steps required for disinfection, placing and removing our specialized safety masks, shields and clothing, and allowing patient flow through the dental clinic while minimizing physical contact with others. Expect your appointment to be longer than usual. Please make sure you allow yourself enough time for your appointment. These steps are critical to ensure your safety and ours, therefore we won’t be able to shorten your visit under any circumstances.  Our reception area is equipped with plexiglass to protect administrative staff.


We encourage you to wear your own non-medical mask to the office if you wish. Due to the shortage of masks worldwide it is necessary that we save our masks for dental procedures.

All clipboards, pens, debit machines, door handles, and high-touched surfaces are disinfected between patients using clinical disinfectant wipes. 

Upon arrival and check-in, a temperature scan will be taken. 


Patients are asked to use the hand sanitizer provided or wash their hands in the washroom.

New regulation personal protective equipment for the dental professional will be used to provide your dental treatment.     This includes the protective equipment that we used previously, plus new face shields, gowns and hats that are disposable or changed between each patient. N95 masks will be used when aerosol generating procedures are being performed. All masks have been fitted and tested by a safety regulator to ensure each dental professional uses an effective N95 mask.


The changes we have made are in compliance with the Manitoba Dental Associations new guidelines for treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Warm regards,
Dr. Bronstein and staff



Oral Health Services at Bronstein Family Dental 


At Bronstein Family Dental in Winnipeg, our dentist offers you a wide range of restorative and general dentistry procedures. We welcome people of all ages to our clinic. Our staff provides you with a friendly and comfortable environment. 


Teeth cleaning

Regular teeth cleaning is essential for maintaining good oral health. Our Bronstein Family Dental Clinic staff performs comprehensive cleaning to remove plaque to ensure your teeth and gums stay in excellent condition.


Filings is a restorative dentistry treatment in which a dental material is used to repair damaged teeth surfaces or tooth decay by filling in cavities.

Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays are prerequisites to determine an issue with your dental health or choose any dental treatment plan for you. We provide accurate dental x-rays with the help of the latest digital X-ray technology to assess your condition.

Children’s dentistry

If you are not careful about the oral health and hygiene of your kids, they might develop issues at a young age. Connect with us if you need dental information on how to take care of their dental health or the best ways to keep good oral hygiene habits in your child. 

Wisdom tooth extraction

Third molars erupt through the gums, usually around the age of 18-25. When there isn't enough room for your wisdom teeth to grow, they can become impacted or crooked.

Come to our clinic to see whether your wisdom teeth require extraction or not.


If your temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) is misaligned, you may experience headaches, jaw soreness, difficulty in chewing and earaches. We provide treatments to correct conditions that affect the function of TMJ joints and alleviate symptoms associated with it.

Dental bridges

If you have any missing teeth, opting for bridges can be a long-lasting solution for getting your smile back. A bridge is a false tooth bonded to adjacent teeth to give it support and is usually recommended to patients who aren’t eligible for a dental implant.

Dental crowns

A dental crown can fill the gap if you have damaged or missing teeth. Apart from that, it can also improve the appearance of your teeth and can repair any damage your teeth have suffered. 


They are a partial or complete set of removable false teeth that look natural once fitted. At our clinic, we provide well-fitted dentures that are comfortable and allow our patients to smile with confidence and enjoy their favourite foods again. 


They are a durable, natural-looking solution for your cracked, chipped or discoloured tooth. We offer composite and porcelain veneers bonded to your teeth to fill in the gaps in your mouth without any issue.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatment at Bronstein Family Dental can help give you a celebrity-bright smile safely and effectively.


A mouthguard is a must-have piece of athletic equipment if you are involved in any sports or wear braces and other fixed dental appliances. They are worn over your teeth to protect you from blows to the teeth and jaws. We provide a properly custom-made mouthguard that fits comfortably and isn’t bulky. 

Got a question for our family dentist in Winnipeg? Book an appointment with us now.

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