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Teeth Cleaning

Trust Bronstein Dental With Your Regular Teeth Cleaning

Start your child on a lifetime of positive experiences at the dentist. Feel at ease with our hygienists and Dr. D. H. Bronstein. Since 1974, Dr. D. H. Bronstein has dedicated himself to providing excellence in dental care for the entire family. From booking an appointment to sitting in one of our modern exam rooms, you know the Bronstein Family Dental staff is committed to helping you feel comfortable in a friendly environment. We provide a range of dental services, including teeth cleaning in Winnipeg. Contact our office today to learn more about our services or to book an appointment.

The Benefits of Proper Teeth Cleaning in Winnipeg

The benefits of having healthy teeth and gums are fairly self-evident. The condition of your teeth is one of the first things people notice when you engage with them face to face. Consistent bad breath, sore teeth and deteriorated gums, costly treatments and restorations all affect the quality of our everyday lives. Proper oral maintenance supported by qualified professionals is an easy way to ensure your continued oral health in the years to come.

However, even with regular brushing, consistent flossing, and a strong set of teeth, accumulations of tartar (mineralized plaque) can develop in those hard to reach areas. In certain cases, people who tackle their dental hygiene too aggressively may be damaging their tooth enamel unintentionally.

Although every patient is different, most dental hygienists recommend a professional cleaning once every six months. Tooth scaling, polishing, and plaque and calculus (tartar) removal is essential for optimizing the condition and appearance of your pearly whites. Not only will the staff at Dr. DH Bronstein Family Dental provide you with a proper teeth cleaning at our Winnipeg clinic, but we can evaluate your mouth for any concerns or signs of disease.

Feel Confident with Your Smile

Ensure your overall health with regularly scheduled visits to Bronstein Family Dental. Contact us today to book your next cleaning.

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