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Our Team

Meet Our Team

For over 40 years, Bronstein Family Dental has provided patients with complete dentistry services for cleaner and healthier smiles.

We follow a patient-centered approach by providing genuine care, treatment, and a full suite of professional dentistry services. Every patient at our Winnipeg dental clinic receives safe oral health care, be it your child’s toothache or the dental health of your family. We have substantial experience in children dentistry, and pride ourselves on the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment we employ on our young patients.

We understand that trust is integral in creating a happy visit to the dentist. We are committed to becoming not just a local dental clinic but the dental clinic for families. We have a small team of dedicated and friendly staff who have been with Dr. Bronstein for over a decade and bring a sense of familiarity and security to our patients.

We ensure your treatment is positive, your visits are timely, your dental assessments are thorough, and will be there for you monitoring the progress of your oral health. We thank you for choosing us and are readily available to answer any question regarding our services. Connect with our friendly staff today to learn more about on what we offer or to schedule your next dentist appointment.

Dr. Danny Bronstein






Dental Hygienist


Dental hygienist


Dental Assistant

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